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Our Products

At DJW, we offer a variety of products and services to meet your needs. We currently offer the following range of products:

Lidding Films

We offer advance lidding films for packaging applications, offering innovative and economical solutions for food packaging. Lidding films are widely popular in the industry and are typically used as closure on ready meals, aluminium foil trays, plastic bowls or various containers such as yoghurt, soup, meat and cheese pots thanks to their peelable, temperature resistant and Anti-Fog characteristics. Attractive and Resilient, we offer these films with different properties from thickness to sealing substrates so that in whatever case, there is the right film for you. Lidding films are provided coextruded or laminated for printing purposes.

We offer a wide range of Lidding properties to meet your requirements:

  • High clarity peal steal to Aluminium and are suitable for printing
  • Low, Medium and High Barrier
  • Weld, Peal Burst
  • Variety of Thickness
  • Various Sealing substrates


Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) is one of the most favoured packaging across the industries spectrum, and the film appropriate for the food packaging industry is co-extruded and heat sealable. BOPP is cost effective thanks to its higher surface area per unit weight and has a much lower moisture transmission rate than equivalent products. A combination of excellent slip and optical properties, with BOPPs inert nature and tensile strength makes it perfect for food and beverage packaging especially relating to drinks and confectionery. We can offer BOPP with different:

  • Variety of Thickness
  • Various Seal Types


Our polyester products can be used in a wide range of applications, and ensure that food looks safe, fresh, appealing and that the packaging is proportionate. The PET range offers high tensile strength and thermal stability which makes these products popular with customers involved in the sale of Ovenable and microwaveable packaging. Its resistance to water, high strength to weight ratio and availability as a recyclable and economic plastic makes it a highly popular and convenient choice.

Our ranges offer a:

  • A Variety of Thickness
  • Various Seal Types
  • Various Coatings

Environmentally Friendly Products

We offer a range of environmentally products offering customers a feasible and viable choice as an alternative to conventional films. These are an excellent choice for customers seeking biodegradable and compostable options. We offer;

  • Degradable and compostable Produce Film
  • A more recyclable alternative to BOPP
  • Polyolefin Shrink Film – ‘I Am Green’ Certification
  • 100% preformed Mono PET tray and PET HB Lidding films - Click Here to Download

Our Commitment to the Environment

As an individual firm we take an active role in our commitment to the environment as a wider part of industry initiative. We recognise the need to reduce the wastage of packaging and move towards degradable and recyclable films, hence our recent introduction of the Green Films Range offering an alternative product for customers.

We have a collective responsibility to minimize our carbon footprint and therefore we ensure the greenest mode of production and distribution is used in our supply chain. In distribution, for example, we choose Shipping as our preferred method over air freight, which saves up to 77% in CO2e (kg)*. We always ensure our suppliers are environmentally responsible and where possible opt to employ eco-friendly measures.

We are passionate about the environment, going beyond regulation. Collectively we can make food packaging more sustainable, and DJW Packaging is taking a leading role and the forefront of environmental responsibility.

*- Study by the Guardian (2014)

Our Services

Sourcing your own products can be unclear and difficult, so let DJW do it for you. Talk to us about your objectives and your requirements and will be able to provide a bespoke solution for you. In doing so we offer Logistical Support, Production Preparation Services, Printing and Speciality Packaging.

Full Logistical Support

With our extensive experience in the import and export of products globally, we have a well-established and trustworthy network of logistical support which can be arranged to support the delivery of your product. In times of regulatory uncertainty, having an experienced team and full logistical support access is just as important as the product itself. Our Logistics areas include:

  • Air Freight, where containers are distributed to Air Freight centres through-out the UK and flown to where you are by our trusted Freight Providers and Cargo Airlines. We can arrange Air Freight if there is a time that you find yourself needing a product quickly.
  • Sea Freight, where containers are shipped from Major Ports on Freightliners. A cost effective and reliable choice for international delivery of your product.
  • Road Freight, for our UK Customers we can deliver by road freight

Having selected your preferred method of transport, we will arrange the shipment for you and take care of all logistical areas including

  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Customs
  • Dispatch and Transportation Planning
  • Storage
  • Customer Contact
  • Tracking

Pre-Print Design

Printing plates are made in our in-house platemaking operation utilising automated digital comparison tools to provide the highest level of artwork Quality Control possible.

Plates are available in Standard or High Definition.


This incorporates all the services that DJW can offer, we ensure that:

  • Production sites are air-conditioned and certified sites, respecting the hygienic-sanitary standards of the food industry.
  • Raw materials: controlled and certified to best protect your products.
  • Services: materials consultancy, speed and expertise at your service.

Blown Film Extrusion

The manufacture of plastic film for products such as shopping bags and continuous sheeting is achieved using a blown film line. This process is the same as a regular extrusion process up until the die. There are three main types of dies used in this process: annular (or crosshead), spider, and spiral. Annular dies are the simplest and rely on the polymer melt channelling around the entire cross section of the die before exiting the die; this can result in uneven flow. Spider dies consist of a central mandrel attached to the outer die ring via a number of "legs"; while flow is more symmetrical than in annular dies, a number of weld lines are produced which weaken the film. Spiral dies remove the issue of weld lines and asymmetrical flow but are by far the most complex.

The melt is cooled somewhat before leaving the die to yield a weak semi-solid tube. This tube's diameter is rapidly expanded via air pressure, and the tube is drawn upwards with rollers, stretching the plastic in both the transverse and draw directions. The drawing and blowing cause the film to be thinner than the extruded tube, and also preferentially aligns the polymer molecular chains in the direction that sees the most plastic strain. If the film is drawn more than it is blown (the final tube diameter is close to the extruded diameter) the polymer molecules will be highly aligned with the draw direction, making a film that is strong in that direction, but weak in the transverse direction. A film that has significantly larger diameter than the extruded diameter will have more strength in the transverse direction, but less in the draw direction.

In the case of polyethylene and other semi-crystalline polymers, as the film cools it crystallizes at what is known as the frost line. As the film continues to cool, it is drawn through several sets of nip rollers to flatten it into lay-flat tubing, which can then be spooled or slit into two or more rolls of sheeting.

Sheet/Film Extrusion

Sheet/film extrusion is used to extrude plastic sheets or films that are too thick to be blown. There are two types of dies used: T-shaped and Coat Hanger. The purpose of these dies is to reorient and guide the flow of polymer melt from a single round output from the extruder to a thin, flat planar flow. In both die types ensure constant, uniform flow across the entire cross-sectional area of the die. Cooling is typically by pulling through a set of cooling rolls (calendar or "chill" rolls). In sheet extrusion, these rolls not only deliver the necessary cooling but also determine sheet thickness and surface texture. Often co-extrusion is used to apply one or more layers on top of a base material to obtain specific properties such as UV-absorption, texture, oxygen permeation resistance, or energy reflection.

A common post-extrusion process for plastic sheet stock is thermoforming, where the sheet is heated until soft (plastic) and formed via a mould into a new shape. When vacuum is used, this is often described as vacuum forming. Orientation (i.e. ability/ available density of the sheet to be drawn to the mould which can vary in depths from 1 to 36 inches typically) is highly important and greatly affects forming cycle times for most plastics.


We offer 3-layer and 5-layer extrusion options.

PE, PA and EVOH barrier film production.


Offering both Roto-Gravure and Flexo-Graphic printing options in up to 10 colours.


We can produce lamination with or without solvents and partial cold seal applications.

Conversion Services

Slitting - bespoke slitting of materials to suit customer needs.

Folding - Centre Fold or “J” Fold

Perforation – Needle and Laser technology

Bag and Pouch Conversion – Side Weld, Gusset, Pouch, and Vacuum Pouch

Label and Valve Application – e.g. degassing valve typically found within microwave and coffee applications, open and re-close label application.

Speciality Packaging

Do you need something different? Something out of the norm? Are you worried it could be expensive or inaccessible?

Don’t worry, no request is too big for DJW Packaging, and as part of our services we will accommodate you whatever your needs. With combined experience of over 30 years in the food packaging industry, we will be able tailor a product plan for you to get you what you need. Please get in touch if you have any queries.

Innovation / Speciality Products

1. PE labels suitable for PE laminates, to maintain 100% recyclability of the structure. Available also with barrier option, EVOH. Samples can be supplied upon request

2. Thermosealing paper, currently available ranging from 70gr to 100gr, other options available upon request. Also available with a removable window label of smaller dimension if needed to show the food inside. Lacquer is applied at register, to limit the impact on recyclability, or full coverage.
The barrier version – coming soon!

3. Single structure OPP microwave valve, ideal for OPP 100% recyclable concepts: OPP flow pack film, or OPP tray + OPP lidding film

4. Removable coffee degassing valve, at MOQ 40.000pcs

5. Single structure OPP ultra high barrier triplex for coffee packages: equal to aluminium barrier performances, but mono material plastic 100% recyclable. Metallised only.

6. De-Gassing Valve label application using laser technology.

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